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We are a boutique Benefits, Payroll and HR consulting firm based in Morristown, NJ.  We were founded in 2008 after 10 years of working on the employee benefits sales and underwriting side with GE Financial and Principal Financial Group.  ABG started as a benefits focused firm working in the 2-250 employee space.  As our market has grown and changed, we have changed.  We have expended our practice and in addition to benefits our work now includes payroll, HR and Risk Management.  

As our services have expanded we have never lost site of what has made us successful.  Providing great service and keeping current clients on board is the focus.  Our business model is based on providing the resources of a national advisor with the service of a local firm.  We do not have the name recognition of a national broker.  We do not rely on  $2 million dollar marketing budgets to win clients and overcome our deficiencies.  We succeed by being the most knowledgeable, most resourceful and providing the best service in our market.  

Aside from services we understand you.  As both business owners and employees, we see what we want to help us run our business.  We apply these same principles in providing recommendations to help you manage your benefits, payroll, HR and risk management. Let us help you.  


We are people.  We like helping people.  




I am in a unique position in that I get to see what we sell from both the vantage point of a business owner and that as an employee.  I excel in being creative.  I believe in doing everything at 100%.  I love my business.  I love my family.  I live in Morristown with my wife and 3 children (13, 11 and 8).  Coaching my kids is my real passion outside of work.  

Unique to me:  I was the NJ Big Brother of the year in 2010.  

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Problem Solver

I am common sense.   I work well with people and treat our clients and carrier partners as friends.  I like being challenged and learning new things.  I have been in the healthcare space for over 10 years, but this was my first opportunity to work directly with clients and to help build sustainable benefits, HR and back office programs.

Unique to me:  I love fast cars.  M550, C7 Corvettes, and wraps are my language.  



Employee Helper     

I am a people person.  I like helping people.  I help our members find products and services that will help them.  I love ABG because I have never had a sales goal.  I do not have to push products.  Good products and meeting needs sort of sell themselves.  One rule that I have always tried to work by is that I would never sell a product that I would not consider buying.

Unique to me:  I love soccer.  Some of my best experiences were coaching youth soccer teams.  



Rule Maker (Compliance)

We live amongst rules.  Benefits, HR and payroll are filled with them.  The IRS, DOL and State Insurance Departments are just a few of the rule makers I work with.  It is a lot to know.  In fact, I know a lot of people that have left our industry or changed careers because of the amount of compliance tied to our industry.  I spend my days learning the rules so you do not have to.  My newsletters are really good.

Unique to me:  I am really good in scrabble.  Some would maybe use the word G-O-A-T.

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