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About Jeff Kallio and ABG

In addition to being a business owner and a benefits expert............a little more about me.

Jeffrey E Kallio

  Managing Partner

Education:  Villanova University,

                     Class of 99'


Employment History:

GE Financial Assurance:  Group Benefits Sales Rep,99-02

  • #2 Rookie Sales, 2000

  • #1 Sophomore Sales, 2001


Principal Financial Group:  Senior Group Benefits Sales Rep, 02-07

  • Worked with businesses with 3-10,000 employees.


Advantix Benefits Group:  CEO, 07-Current

  • Established in 2007, we have grown to 93 inforce group clients with employees located in the northeast, southeast and midwest.  

  • In 7 years we have maintained a 98.5% retention rate which is a testament to the working relationship we have with our clients.



  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mentor since 2005

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Leadership Council

  • Morris County Chamber of Commerce


What makes your company unique?

A:  As both a businees owner and a benefits advisor I get to see both ends of the spectrum.  I see the costs and overhead tied to the employer as a business owner and I also the value these benefits bring to employees as an advisor.


What do you like about this industry? 

A:  Every company is different and I like the creative side of putting together the different parts to construct a benefits platform that is built specifically for that company.  Some companies are old, some are young, some are national, some value benefits, some offer benefits as an industry norm.  Every company is different.


How did you get started in this industry?

A:  I was waiting for an on campus interview at Villanova and I happened to hear a sales rep from another company explaining this industry to a candidate. I thought it was a perfect fit, a few interviews later and here I am.


How have you dealt with Healthcare Reform over the past few years?

A:  It has been extremely frustrating at times with some of the changes and I guess you could call it "politicking" but it is my job to look at this law and explain its impact to my clients.  That's it.  I am not a politician.  Companies hire me to explain the facts. 


How would you explain the bill to consumers in 1 sentence?

A:  If you can get a subsidy you will like it, if you do not get a subsidy you will not like it. 


What about Team Kallio?

A:  My wife Wendy.  3 kids (5, 2 and a newbie).  Caroline is 5.  Troy is 2.  Abby is our new one.  We have a mixed pooch named Daytona.  I lived in Clifton for 12 years and moved to Morristown in 2012.  Conveniently our office is in Morristown less than a mile from my house. 


What do you like to do?

A:  I love the outdoors........camping, hiking.  Football.  Go Browns and Buckeyes (from Cleveland).   I need to exercise more. 



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