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Client is a start up Pharma company in NJ with 5 employees.  They expect to grow to over 100 employees in the next 5 years.  How can we help?

We start by finding the right benefit needs for your employees.  National medical plan, voluntary dental and vision.  Next we add in the right payroll vendor that can provide the right level of human service to get you started with payroll 1.  Finally we build your handbook and complete your onboarding model to start hiring the right way.  All can be scaled out to meet the growth demands.


Client is a well established architectural firm in NYC with 115 employees.  They expect to grow 5-10% per year.  Healthcare costs are skyrocketing.  How can we help?

We start by reviewing the existing health plan and participation.  Our review includes a demographic analysis and product selection.  Both are commonly overlooked.  We review our captive model along with competing PEO's in NY.  We find the right plans for the employees and ensure each employee is selecting the right benefits.  The most expensive option isn't always the right choice.  Savings of 15%.


Client is a well known sprinkler firm in NJ with 23 employees.  All admin is paper and they offer 1 health plan.

We start by looking at different health options.  1 plan is not the right solution. We add in Voluntary benefits to help the employees without adding costs.  Finally we add in a digital benefits platform that ties right into payroll.  Paperless.


Client is a national firm with 175 employees.  With growth came a loss of communication with employees.

We determined early on that the benefit programs were very good and well priced.  The service was lacking.  We instituted our local model where we are on site once per month at the different locations.  We focused on educating the employees and being available to assist 1 on 1.  The number of benefits related questions/complaints to HR went down 78% in the first 6 months.  

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