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HR Question of the Week: Video Surveillance At Work

Many of our clients have been signing up for our free HR benefit platform. One of the many benefits of this service is the accessibility to a live team of HR professionals who can answer any of your HR and compliance questions. We've been tracking some of the more frequently asked questions to share with our clients. Below is an example of a question asked to our ThinkHR professionals:

Question: How should we notify our employees that they are under video surveillance at work? While you might not think this question would apply to your company, there is a good chance it does. These areas can include the parking lot, parking garage, lobby, cafeteria, elevators and hallways. (Big brother is always watching!) Answer: Generally, the use of surveillance in the workplace is contentious due to employees' common law expectations of privacy. Address this issue by notifying your workforce that they should not expect privacy in specific, public areas where notice is posted that video surveillance is occurring.

For a more in-depth answer to this question, please contact us to find out how to gain access to our free HR platform.

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