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ACA and Healthcare Reform

I. Timeline:  Everything since it was signed into law on March 23, 2010

                                   Click HERE to view the timeline


II. 2015 and 2016:  What do you need to do for 2015 and 2016?  ABG has it for you.....Click HERE


II.  Current Updates and Rulings

  • Latest Pay or Play Penalties and Calculations as of 10-1-14.  Click HERE

  • Are Interns Employees?  Click HERE

  • What do you do with 51-99 employees in 2015?  Click HERE

  • Latest Rulings on required forms for IRS Reporting.  Click HERE

  • IRS files for PCORI  Fee increase in 2015.  Details

  • IRS Coordinates Cafeteria Plan Rules with the ACA

  • Final ruling on exempted benefits under ACA.  Details

  • Reinsurance and Self Funded Fee Extension.  Details

  • Compliance of Premium Reimbursement Arrangements.  Click HERE

  • Determining who is a Full Time employee!!!  Details Aqui

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